Racing to the Yukon is much more than the tale of Rod Price’s adventure of entering the Yukon 1000, also known as the World’s Longest Canoe Race. Racing to the Yukon is a much longer story. It is a fun exploration of how Rod Price, fifty year old copy paper and ink cartridge seller managed to rekindle his young adult love of racing canoes. Rod travels throughout the world in a kind of “Have Paddle will Travel” fashion in some of the world’s most harsh albeit comical locations. And more importantly he does most of this after hitting the age of forty.

see more Racing to the Yukon begins with Rod Price’s revelation that he isn’t as young as he used to be, when he attempts a simple 12 mile canoe race at the age of forty. Ten years before Rod would have chewed up his competition in this kind of a race and suddenly he is working hard just to finish the race in last place. While driving home from that race Rod decides that he is too young at forty to be beaten, even if the other racers are far younger. Rod sets out to refind his racing form. This goal becomes a ten year exploration of heart and body as Rod fails often but occasionally triumphs. Eventually Rod is back in the best Canoe Racing shape of his life. But not before many lighthearted and inspirational challenges are met.

Racing to the Yukon takes us to an odd assortment of places. Apparently Canoe Racers will attempt to cross just about any body of water, regardless of its size. Rod races through chains of lakes in the Adirondack Mountains, often having to carry his canoe overland from mountain lake to stream. Along with an assortment of Canoe partners, Rod races through the Florida Everglades seeking “shortcuts” to Key Largo that leave him stranded in reeds and weeds in the middle of the night. This is not to say that Rod Price is a poorly qualified competitor. This is hardly the case for the races Rod chooses to enter are some of the most difficult to navigate in the world. Rod doesn’t win every race because no one can win every race. Still Rod presses on for ten years winning his fair share of adventures source.

here He occasionally leaves his canoe at home for races such as the Great Amazon River Raft Race. During this race Rod joins with 3 other friends to build a balsawood raft and paddle down the Amazon River.

click to see more In writing Racing to the Yukon, Rod wanted to share all of the strain, strife and humor associated with sports accomplishment with both the avid outdoorsman and the average white collar worker such as himself. The book is an exciting collection of adventures that takes the reader along with Rod as he prepares both figuratively and literally for his cumulative run at the Yukon 1000. After getting to know Rod well by joining him in a series of races leading up to his most recent Yukon adventure, you as the reader will be ready for the canoe ride of your life as you toss and turn in the rapids of the Yukon River from Canada into the US for a full 1000 mile journey.

You don’t need to be a rugged outdoorsman to enjoy Racing to the Yukon. Anyone with an appreciation of nature and a desire to see a piece of a less glorified sport will find Racing to the Yukon to be a great personal adventure. Reading Racing to the Yukon lets you the reader, travel the lakes and rivers of America, paddle in hand, laughing at the soreness of your bottom after 6 straight days of racing a canoe. Once you’re read the book, feel free to head over to our Instagram account to see even more insights into the journey! One of our biggest challenges is how to gain followers on instagram since we’re offering a book that doesn’t come in line with social media. Head over and give us a follow 🙂 source