12 December 2014

The “Big Game Hunter” of Paddle Sports!

12 December 2014,

 Caution:  Adventure Is Contagious! With my 55th birthday rapidly approaching, its only natural to take a quick glimpse in the rear view mirror. The […]

27 June 2014

Texas Water Safari – 2014

27 June 2014,

I never served in the military, but I view traveling to an out-of-state race to be like going on a mission. The objective of […]

14 March 2014

Everglades Challenge 2014

14 March 2014,

Rod’s Account of the Everglades Challenge 2014 Ever since the end of the 2012 Ultimate Florida Challenge I was looking forward to doing a […]

5 September 2013

Missouri American Water MR 340

5 September 2013,

The 8th Annual Missouri River 340 The big question leading up to the Missouri River 340 was what boat I would use. Unlike most […]

2 September 2013

Rod’s Book – Racing To The Yukon

2 September 2013,

Racing to the Yukon is an adventure in many exciting parts. While much of the book focuses on what it is like for a […]