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27 September 2011
27 September 2011,

One would think that the 1200 miles of racing and towing of a canoe around Florida would not be as difficult as Rod’s six day adventure along the Yukon was. But with the Florida Ultimate Challenge expected to last at least three times as long and with the race taking place on land, sea and rivers, Rod Price’s assessment that this challenge will be far more difficult than any he has ever faced is probably dead on accurate.

Rod’s assessment is that the longer duration of the race coupled with the lack of the downstream current such as Rod enjoyed in the Yukon may prove to be crippling for most of the contestants. Plus even though the Florida Ultimate Challenge takes place in early March 2012, it is always possible in Rod’s home state that the heat wave can land pushing temperatures into the low nineties. Headwinds on the ocean portions of the race can also cut Rod’s speed in half.

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