23 February 2010
23 February 2010,

Kaiyah Flats, the northern section of Innoko National Wildlife Refuge, lies adjacent to the Yukon River, southwest of the town of Galena. Its 751,000 acres are home for all or part of the year to hundreds of thousands of birds, including loons, grebes, geese (including the white-fronted goose), ducks, phalaropes, ospreys, bald eagles, spruce grouse, chickadees, thrushes, and warblers. Native fish include pike, grayling, whitefish, and salmon. Mammals sighted here include the snowshoe hare, muskrat, beaver, lemmings. porcupine, grey wolf, red fox, Canada lynx, black bear, brown bear, marten, weasels, mink, wolverines, river otters, moose, and caribou.

Stevens Village is seventeen miles upstream from the Dalton Highway bridge, one of the few bridges crossing the Yukon River. The village, founded by three Athabascan brothers, Old Jacob, Gochonayeeya, and Old Steven, originally was named Dinyea, which means “Mouth of the Canyon.” Eventually, its name was changed to honor one of the founding brothers.

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