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27 September 2011
27 September 2011,

Another set of obstacles that Rod will face on the intracoastal waterway and in the open waters around Florida is traffic from pleasure boaters and commercial vessels. A large barge can easily crash into a canoe and never know it did so. Weekend pleasure boaters zipping around in everything from ski boats to air boats create massive wakes that can easily swamp and overturn a canoe. Now actual threats such as sharks as large as Rods canoe and manta rays that leap through the air will also be facing off with Rod during his adventure. Even a friendly Florida manatee can accidentally flip upside down a lightweight racing canoe.
Despite all the possible problems Rod is training hard and gearing up for the race. This will be the first race Rod has entered in a long time that he is forced to question his ability to tough it out and finish. But if there ever was a race on land or water that Rod Price wanted to win, this is the one.

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