20 August 2013
20 August 2013,
Adirondack 90 Mile Race

Enjoying another Adirondack victory

Every year Rod Price travels away from his home state of Florida to the Adirondack Mountains in upper New York. It is as Rod calls it “One of the most beautiful places on earth” But Rod doesn’t go there for the change of seasons, he travels to upper New York just for one reason and that is to race in the yearly Adirondack canoe race. After several failed attempts Rod succeeded in winning the 90 mile three day race for three years in a row! His early attempts at this challenging race, along with Rod’s unique first person humor allow readers of “Racing to the Yukon” to truly enjoy the more “anyone can” aspects of canoe racing. A fine example of Rod’s early canoe racing occurs when he discovers during his first attempt at the Adirondack Canoe race that the overland portaging segments of the race were harder that the paddling. You will especially enjoy reading about the steps Rod takes to triumph in this race.

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