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27 September 2011
27 September 2011,

Over the course of his 32 years in canoe racing Rod Price has accomplished quite a great deal. In races throughout the southeast United States Rod has entered and won canoe triathlons, adventure races, spread races and pretty much any type of sporting event that involves a canoe. Twice Rod has won the 300 mile Everglades challenge race. Three times he has won the canoe classic held in New York Adirondack mountains. Closer to home Rod has won the Suwannee river Challenge race held on the historically famous Florida Suwannee river six times. In what he admits was a rigorous ordeal, far too removed from civilization for his taste he even managed to finish second in a three day long adventure race held on the great Amazon River. For that race Rod and three partners had to build a log raft and paddle it down the Amazon. Rod raced and one the Yukon 1000, which as the name would imply is a 1000 mile race through Canada and Alaska on the Yukon River. Rod has entered over 1000 races and won over 200 of them. It seems that if any type boat can be moved with a paddle Rod will get in it or on it and race to a finish line.

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