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So why would someone want to push themselves to exhaustion, injury or even death to compete in an event like the Ultimate Florida Challenge? For me, it is all about the challenge. It is about expanding my horizons. I raced for a week on the Yukon River. Could I do it for a month? I wish everyone could experience the excitement of being on the starting line for a competition that will demand all of your focus and ability."
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From buy generic isotretinoin no prescription, by Rod Price

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Rod Signing His Book After The MR340

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I often think of my single racing canoe as a time machine. When I am paddling on a pristine river in Florida, I am seeing virtually the same scenery that the native Timucuans did hundreds of years ago. I try to imagine what their villages would have looked like on the shoreline. I frequently see and hear some of the same wildlife that they encountered. The water birds, alligators, deer and black bears that have been in Florida longer than humans..." buy generic Misoprostol online no prescription

From buy generic Misoprostol online no prescription quick delivery, by Rod Price

Experience Rod's Story From The Beginning

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