2 September 2013
2 September 2013,

Rod-Book-StackRacing to the Yukon is an adventure in many exciting parts. While much of the book focuses on what it is like for a fellow as average as any of us to set a series of physical goals and achieve them, it is also Rod’s personal sharing of the world that passes before his eyes while exploring the Rivers, Lakes, and sometimes Oceans of the world. Most of this takes place from Rod’s familiar seat at the rear of a canoe. This 200 page chronicle includes 32 full color pages of photographs from Rod’s adventures throughout the years. When combined with Rod Price’s narrative, the pictures allow one to completely appreciate and enjoy Rod’s hobby of canoe racing and all of the wonderful sightseeing that accompanies it.

“Racing to the Yukon” begins with Rod’s realization at the age of forty that those feats of physicality that came so easily to him years before were no longer possible, that is, unless he dedicates himself to getting into shape Rocky Balboa style. Rod begins an often comical and always entertaining struggle to turn back the clock and once again return to winning racing form.

Racing to the Yukon certainly has lighter moments such as when Rod decides that a can of “Bear repellent” may not be up to the task of sending a Grizzly packing, but Rod’s book also takes the time to share with the reader the importance of protecting our environment.
Anyone who has ever paddled a canoe will appreciate and enjoy “Racing to the Yukon.” Anyone who reads Rod’s book and has never paddled a canoe will immediately want to do so.

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