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8 August 2011,

Here we will be sharing with you Rod’s involvement with environmental groups to protect natural habitats so that generations to come may enjoy them […]

12 January 2011

Rod Price Featured in Canoe News

12 January 2011,

Rod Price has recently been featured in Canoe News in an article titled: A Rude Awakening on the Yukon River: Rod Price‚Äôs Yukon River […]

5 January 2011

Pangea Adventure Racing

5 January 2011,

The Pangea Adventure Racing website provides the advanced, intermediate, and novice races for Central Florida adventure racing as well as single event races focusing […]

5 January 2011

Kings Landings Canoe Trips

5 January 2011,

Kings Landings Canoe Trips rents canoes and paddles for trips down the Rock Springs River in Apopka, Florida. The trip is eight miles long […]

5 January 2011

Friends of the Wekiva River

5 January 2011,

The Friends of the Wekiva River is a organization that works to protect, preserve, and restore the natural functions and beauty of the Wekiva […]

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