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27 September 2011,

You don’t have to be Bob Barker to come on down and enjoy the Naples Bay Great Dock Canoe Race. The yearly event held […]

8 August 2011

Preparing for competitive canoe races

8 August 2011,

Here we will share personal insights discovered by Rod Price throughout his racing career as to how to be genuinely prepared for competitive canoe […]

8 August 2011

Personal commitment to charitable organizations

8 August 2011,

In coming articles Rod will share with you his commitment to helping charitable causes with time spent in and outside of his canoes. Charities […]

8 August 2011

Rod Price's efforts to protect the environment

8 August 2011,

Here we will be sharing with you Rod’s involvement with environmental groups to protect natural habitats so that generations to come may enjoy them […]

12 January 2011

Rod Price Featured in Canoe News

12 January 2011,

Rod Price has recently been featured in Canoe News in an article titled: A Rude Awakening on the Yukon River: Rod Price’s Yukon River […]

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