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27 September 2011,

Tori Murden McClure began her life a simple southern girl born in Brooksville, Florida. Her intellectual ability steered the boat of her life through […]

27 September 2011

An introduction to the world of adventure racing

27 September 2011,

With the popularity of television shows such as Expedition Impossible people have suddenly become aware of a past time generally known as Adventure Racing. […]

27 September 2011

The Blue Ridge Mountain Adventure Race

27 September 2011,

When one attempts to measure a mountain it is important to remember that the height of the mountain is based on elevation above sea […]

27 September 2011

The incomparable Patagonian Expedition adventure race

27 September 2011,

If there’s one adventure race that could be considered to be the toughest on the planet earth it has to be the Patagonian Expedition. […]

27 September 2011

Local adventure racing in the Central Florida area

27 September 2011,

One doesn’t have to travel to Patagonia in order to participate in fun and exciting adventure racing. Almost every populated area in the United […]

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