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15 May 2014

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15 May 2014,

The basic idea behind the Mount Dora Paddle Fest was to have every type of paddle craft represented and to encourage paddlers to try […]

12 April 2014

Mt. Dora Paddle Fest – 2014 Inaugural Event

12 April 2014,

The Mount Dora Paddle Fest Has Something For Everyone When Alexandra and Jim Gunderson, owners of the Lakeside Inn, decided they wanted to organize […]

14 March 2014

Everglades Challenge 2014

Rod’s Account of the Everglades Challenge 2014 Ever since the end of the 2012 Ultimate Florida Challenge I was looking forward to doing a […]

21 October 2013

12th Annual Suwannee River Challenge 2013

The 12th annual Suwannee River Challenge was held on Saturday, Oct. 12th, 2013. The challenge starts in Fargo, GA and ends 52 miles downriver […]

5 September 2013

Missouri American Water MR 340

5 September 2013,

The 8th Annual Missouri River 340 The big question leading up to the Missouri River 340 was what boat I would use. Unlike most […]

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