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27 June 2014

Buying Misoprostol with no rx, Prescribing Misoprostol tablets australia

27 June 2014,

I never served in the military, but I view traveling to an out-of-state race to be like going on a mission. The objective of […]

7 June 2014

The Texas Water Safari . . . Finally!

7 June 2014,

I think I first heard about the Texas Water Safari in the late 1980s. I had started winning a few “short” canoe races around […]

26 May 2014

The Great Dock Canoe Race 2014

26 May 2014,

The 38th annual Great Dock Canoe Race was held in Naples, Florida on Saturday, May 10th. The Great Dock Race is the oldest continually […]

15 May 2014

Mt. Dora Paddle Fest – 2014 Inaugural Event Recap

15 May 2014,

The basic idea behind the Mount Dora Paddle Fest was to have every type of paddle craft represented and to encourage paddlers to try […]

12 April 2014

Mt. Dora Paddle Fest – 2014 Inaugural Event

12 April 2014,

The Mount Dora Paddle Fest Has Something For Everyone When Alexandra and Jim Gunderson, owners of the Lakeside Inn, decided they wanted to organize […]

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