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8 November 2008,

The Alafia Challenge is a canoe and kayak race down the lower Alafia River, located in southern Hillsborough County Florida. The race is from […]

1 November 2008

SuperHero Adventure Race

1 November 2008,

The Super Hero Adventure Race is an ELITE 8 Hour Adventure Race. More details coming soon! Website

11 October 2008

Suwannee River Challenge

11 October 2008,

The Suwannee River Challenge is a 52 mile race designed to push the limits of even the most serious paddler. The race starts in […]

27 September 2008

Blue Springs Canoe and Kayak Race

27 September 2008,

The Blue Springs Canoe and Kayak Race will be held in September at the Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, Florida. Website

5 September 2008

Adirondack Canoe Classic "The 90-Miler"

5 September 2008,

This three-day, 90-mile flatwater race follows the original highways of the Adirondacks from Old Forge to Saranac Lake. The course offers a mix of […]

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