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23 February 2010,

Dawson City had a very tough early history. By 1897, the population had grown to 5,000. A fire destroyed much of the city that […]

23 February 2010

The source of the Great River and beginnings of the Alaskan Yukon

23 February 2010,

The Llewellyn Glacier in British Columbia, Canada is generally accepted as the source of the Yukon River. Meaning “Great River” in the native Gwich’in […]

23 February 2010

Two scenic villages nestled in a precious sanctuary of wildlife

23 February 2010,

Kaiyah Flats, the northern section of Innoko National Wildlife Refuge, lies adjacent to the Yukon River, southwest of the town of Galena. Its 751,000 […]

23 February 2010

Discovering ancient riverside dwellers and Gold Rush trading towns

23 February 2010,

The town of Tanana, whose name is the English translation of Dena-Na, “The People of the River,” is located two miles west of the […]

29 November 2008

Turkey Burn Adventure Race

29 November 2008,

The Turkey Burn Adventure Race is an ELITE 12 Hour Adventure Race. More details coming soon! Website

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