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5 January 2011,

Eaglin Adventure Racing is a the personal website for Ron Eaglin. Ron gives his insights on his personal experiences with Adventure Racing. His articles […]

5 January 2011

Central Florida Adventure Racing

5 January 2011,

The Central Florida Adventure Racing site is a Bulletin Board to read and post information about outdoor events, racing, and actvities in Florida. Website

5 January 2011

American Canoe Adventures

5 January 2011,

American Canoe Adventure is the premier canoe outfitters on the upper Suwannee River. They offer 213 miles of canoeing and kayaking, including the Big […]

5 January 2011

Adventures in Florida

5 January 2011,

Adventures in Florida offers small group travel with first class service. They travel to Florida’s top destinations in top quality sea kayaks. Whether you […]

26 August 2010

Experiences in Adventure Canoe Racing from the Everglades to the Yukon Shared

26 August 2010,

Central Florida resident, Rod Price, has spent his adult life racing canoes and other light water craft around the globe. At 50 years of […]

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