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20 July 2018,

Want to win a free entry into the Suwannee River Ultimate Challenge? Email us your Top Ten distance races that you have completed to […]

20 July 2018

Rod’s Top Twelve Distance Races

20 July 2018,

    Read more about these races here.      

9 January 2015

Handmade Award Paddles!

9 January 2015,

One Of A Kind Awards For Your Next Event!   Are you looking for special awards for your paddle sports event? Rod Price Adventure […]

12 December 2014

The “Big Game Hunter” of Paddle Sports!

12 December 2014,

¬†Caution:¬† Adventure Is Contagious! With my 55th birthday rapidly approaching, its only natural to take a quick glimpse in the rear view mirror. The […]

23 October 2014

The Romp To The Swamp – 2014!

The 2nd annual Romp to the Swamp Canoe and Kayak Race was held on Saturday, October 18th. The race starts in downtown Columbia, SC […]

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