1 May 2010
1 May 2010,

Racing the YukonRacing to the Yukon begins with Rod Price’s less than fun realization that he is not as young as he used to be. He had just turned forty and in an attempt to prove he still “had it” Rod entered what he would consider today to be a rather puny canoe race… 12 miles. He thought he had prepared for the race by dropping ten pounds and going to the gym. But his preparation fell short as if he had played a round of golf in preparation for The Masters. Let’s just say he got that part of him that rides in the canoe kicked royally. Worse yet, most of his old canoe racing buddies had a great laugh at his expense.

If anyone has ever wondered why boxers, quarterbacks and other athletes come out of retirement for one last ill advised attempt at former glory, Racing to the Yukon will answer that question. It just burned Rod that he was beaten by guys he could have smoked in his sleep only ten years before.

This is when Rod Price’s true adventure begins, when he grits his teeth and decides internally that come hell or literal high water he will get back in shape and be better than he ever was. And whatever races he needed to win in order to prove it he would win!

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