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After gaining international acclaim in 2009 for his victory in the Yukon 1000 - the world’s longest canoe race, Rod Price was looking for another challenge. He found it in his own backyard, the Ultimate Florida Challenge - a 1,200 mile smallboat circumnavigation of the Florida peninsula. Considered to be the toughest small-boat race on the planet, Challenge racers must have a proven background in multi-day endurance events just to enter the competition. Follow Rod’s amazing journey around the state as he paddles his Superior expedition canoe in harsh conditions that eliminate most of his competitors and discovers some of Florida’s hidden history. He canoes through the Everglades, across Biscayne Bay, up the east coast and into the “rivers stage” that features a forty-mile portage that threatens to end his race. Can Rod become the first canoer to complete North America’s two longest paddling races?

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