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As a premier ultra distance racer, Rod Price has accomplished some amazing things from the seat of a canoe. But Rod will tell you that while all the wins and awards are nice, life is really not about what you did last week or last year. What life is really all about is - What are going to do NEXT? His motto is "achievement validates existence", and you better keep achieving to keep deserving your existence!

Rod Price delivers an inspiring message about motivation, perseverance, and the will to compete - just what your group needs to get them motivated to chase their own dreams. Rod's goal is to inspire others to explore the great outdoors and expand their horizons.

Rod Price is available for speaking engagements for groups of all sizes and will tailor his presentation to any age group. Rod enjoys bringing his tales of competition and adventure to clubs, church groups, sales teams, Kiwanis, Rotary, school kids, seniors groups, paddling groups, and other nature enthusiasts.

Rod shares the trials and triumphs of his 30 plus years of canoe adventures. As a world class paddler and the first person to complete the five longest canoe races in North America, Rod offers a perspective on motivation and perseverance lived by few.

A recent presentation at The Villages Canoe and Kayak Club in The Villages, Florida, earned this response: "A terrific presentation on Tuesday. We received many nice comments from our members. Thank you so much for coming. Wishing you the best of luck on upcoming races."

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