27 September 2011
Category: Adventure Races
27 September 2011,

One doesn’t have to travel to Patagonia in order to participate in fun and exciting adventure racing. Almost every populated area in the United States within range of woods and wilderness has an association or group involved with local adventure races. For example in Central Florida adventure races are coordinated by Pangea Adventure Races. Rod Price participates in a local Adventure race group that meets every week or so just like a bowling league team. Of course bowlers don’t find themselves racing on foot or by canoe across the wilds of Florida.

For those who may not know it, Florida is still filled with a majority of tough terrain. Adventure racers in Central Florida routinely deal with swamps, knee deep loose sand, and the prerequisite 30 miles of river to paddle. The Pangea Adventure Races all feature checkpoints and surprises meant to ensnare competitors.

Adventure racing centers on paddling, biking and hiking. It sounds simple enough but the courses change every trip and navigation plays as important a role in local adventure races as it does in global expeditions. An upcoming race from Pangea journeys from the Atlantic coast of Florida to the Gulf. The race will be a minimum of 90 miles and teams will get to see firsthand how much low lying marsh borders the Florida coastline.

All in all races such as those staged by Pangea keep weekend athletes in top shape for even larger events. Many Canoe and kayak racers participate for the competitive challenge between larger pure paddling events.

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