27 September 2011
Category: Pushing The Limit
27 September 2011,

As Rod Price prepares to circumnavigate Florida in his canoe in the Ultimate Florida Challenge race, his 20 planned days of enduring the outdoors pales in comparison to Freya Hoffmeister’s completed journey.

Solo and unassisted Hoffmeister paddled her Kayak around the Australian continent. She did take one “shortcut” across the Gulf of Carpeteria. The open sea shortcut was 357 miles long! Her entire journey took almost a year with 257 days spent paddling eventually covering 8,570 miles distance in 322 days. Her time for the distance mark easily beat that of New Zealander Paul Cafyn who is the only other person to complete the circling of Australia via paddle.
As with all long distance paddling endeavors sleeping in the boat is often part of the regimen.

Previously Freya had completed a two person circumnavigation of Iceland in just 33 days. Freya’s world wide paddling treks serve as fabulous motivation for over 40 athletes. She was 45 years young when she completed the Australian challenge.

On September first 2011, Freya set off again on a sea kayaking challenge that seems more difficult, if not impossible, than any she has thus far completed. As of this writing Freya is paddling away attempting to circumnavigate an even bigger continent, that being South America. She had better paddle a little faster this time, as the distance, at 14,913 miles, is almost twice that of her Australian feat. In another week or so she should be rounding Cape Horn by means of Drake’s passage. Surely that trek alone is worthy of worldwide attention!

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