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Category: buy generic isotretinoin no prescription
27 September 2011,

You don’t have to be Bob Barker to come on down and enjoy the Naples Bay Great Dock Canoe Race. The yearly event held to benefit the local charity “Lighthouse of Collier,” features great food and fun along with a chance to see some of the nation’s top canoe racers.

Among these will be Rod Price. Rod has won almost every major canoe race held on the North American continent including this Naples three mile jaunt. We say jaunt because for Rod Price a three mile canoe race is the equivalent of you or I walking out to check the mail box. Rod has recently entered and won the Yukon 1000, the world’s longest canoe race.
Prior to that victory, Rod won the Everglades challenge. (A fun little trip through the sea of grass), and yearly events such as the Adirondack 90 miler and the Suwannee River Challenge.

Rod races them all big and small. On the small side is the Naples Bay Great Dock Race. Held annually for local participants it hardly seems fair for Rod to enter, he has won the event 5 times. Look for Rod to simply lay back and let a local paddler take first place. Rod will also be on hand to sign a few autographed copies of his book, “Racing to the Yukon.”

5000 thousand spectators will be on hand to see world class canoe and kayak racers and Rod wrestle with the usually crowded race start and sprint like mad for the finish.

Information taken from this article originally published by Naples Daily News, May 6 2010

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