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2 September 2013,

Racing to the Yukon is an adventure in many exciting parts. While much of the book focuses on what it is like for a […]

20 August 2013

The Yukon 1000 The world’s longest canoe race

20 August 2013,

Rod Price’s trip down the Amazon paddling a water logged four man river raft was all part of his cross training in preparation for […]

1 May 2010

Rod Price’s Journey to the Yukon 1000 Mile Race

1 May 2010,

Racing to the Yukon begins with Rod Price’s less than fun realization that he is not as young as he used to be. He […]

23 February 2010

Traveling the path of the Yukon Gold Rush

23 February 2010,

The most powerful impression left on me by the 2009 Yukon 1000 Mile Canoe Race is from the experience of paddling between the towns […]

23 February 2010

Moving through the steep Chilkoot Pass

23 February 2010,

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police required each would-be gold miner to have approximately one ton of supplies and gear before they were allowed to […]

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