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20 August 2013

Misoprostol order overnight, Buy generic Misoprostol without perscription

20 August 2013,

Rod Price‚Äôs trip down the Amazon paddling a water logged four man river raft was all part of his cross training in preparation for […]

20 August 2013

The Great Amazon River Raft Race

20 August 2013,

One would think that Rod Price would have enough seen enough adventure trekking through the Adirondack Mountains with a canoe hoisted over his head […]

20 August 2013

The 90 Mile Adirondack Canoe Classic

20 August 2013,

Every year Rod Price travels away from his home state of Florida to the Adirondack Mountains in upper New York. It is as Rod […]

20 August 2013

The 300 Mile Florida Everglades Challenge

20 August 2013,

Ever wonder what it would be like to be sitting in a canoe at two in the morning the middle of the Everglades? The […]

10 April 2012

The Ultimate Florida Challenge Canoe Race

10 April 2012,

The toughest paddling race in the world truly lived up to its name this year. The 2012 Florida Ultimate Challenge left entrants with broken […]

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