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1 First Win in Oklawaha River Canoe Race – 1980.  Ocala, Florida
3 Wins in the Everglades Challenge 300 Miler. Tampa Bay to Key Largo, Florida
3 Wins in the Adirondack Canoe Classic 90 Miler. Old Forge to Saranac Lake, New York
5 Medals Won at the United States Canoe Association Marathon Championships
10 Wins in the Suwannee River Challenge 52 Miler. Fargo, Ga to White Springs, Florida
32 Number of Ultra-Distance (50 mile +) Canoe Races Completed
35 Consecutive Years with at least one canoe race win. 1980 to 2013
200+ Total wins in canoe races, canoe biathlons, canoe triathlons and adventure races
1,000 Longest canoe race win. 2009 Yukon 1,000 – Whitehorse, Yukon Territory to Pipeline, Alaska
1,200 Longest canoe race completed – 2012 Ultimate Florida Challenge
1,486 Total miles raced in canoe and adventure races in 2009
25,000+ Total miles paddled in training and races from 1980 to 2013
55 My age . . . and just another number

The Rod Price “Wall of Fame”!

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Canoe Races Won at Least Once

Across the Bay Canoe and Kayak Race – Tampa Bay, FL
Adirondack Canoe Classic – Old Forge to Lake Saranac, New York
Alafia Challenge Canoe Race – Lithia Springs, FL
Altamonte Springs Canoe Run – Wekiva River, FL
Back to the Chattahoochee River Race – Roswell, Georgia
Blue Springs Paddle Battle Canoe Race – DeBary, FL
Bogie and Bacall Canoe and Kayak Race – Key Largo, FL
Canoochee River Canoe Race – Claxton, GA
Chattahoochee River Canoe Race – Roswell, Georgia
Citrus County Canoe Race – Inverness, FL
Cocoa Beach Paddle Battle – Cocoa Bch., FL
Crisp Park Canoe and Kayak Race – St. Petersburg, FL
Estero River Canoe and Kayak Race – Estero, FL
Everglades Challenge – Ft. DeSoto to Key Largo, FL
Exchange Club Raft Race Canoe Division – Port St. Lucie, FL
French Broad River Classique Canoe Race – Asheville, North Carolina
Friends of the Wekiva River Canoe Race – Longwood, FL
Gator Splash Canoe Race – Sante Fe River, FL
Great American Canoe Race – Hillsborough River – Tampa, FL
Great Dock Canoe Race – Crayton Cove – Naples, FL
Great Econ. Canoe and Kayak Race – Geneva, FL
Hillsborough River Canoe Race – Tampa, FL
Hillsborough River State Park Canoe Race – Tampa, FL
Ironman Canoe and Kayak Race – Steinhatchee, FL
Hurricane Classic Outrigger Canoe Race – St. Petersburg, FL
Lake Lanier Canoe and Kayak Race – Gainesville, Georgia
Lower Keys Marine Expo. Canoe Race – Big Pine Key, FL
Manatee Festival Canoe and Kayak Race – Crystal River, FL
Mere Mortals Canoe and Kayak Race – Suwannee and Withlacoochee Rivers, FL
Naples Canoe and Kayak Race – Naples, FL
Oklawaha River Canoe Race – Ocala, FL
Orlando Sports Festival Canoe and Kayak Race – Lake Ivanhoe, FL
Paddle to the Border Canoe and Kayak Race – Suwannee River, FL
Pickle Race Canoe and Kayak Race – Hillsborough River – Tampa, FL
Poe Springs Canoe and Kayak Race – Sante Fe River, FL
Potomac River Canoe Race – Washington, D.C.
Rainbow River Canoe and Kayak Race – Dunnellon, FL
Rock Springs Run Canoe and Kayak Race – Apopka, FL
Romp to the Swamp Canoe Race – Columbia, S.C.
Rotary Club Canoe Race – Geneva, Alabama
St. Johns River Canoe Race – Sanford, FL
St. Marks River Canoe and Kayak Race – St. Marks, FL
Shoal River Canoe and Kayak Race – Niceville, FL
Silver River Canoe and Kayak Race – Silver Springs, FL
Sopchoppy River Canoe and Kayak Race – Sopchoppy, FL
Sunshine State Games Canoe Race – Various Sites in Florida
Suwannee River Challenge Canoe and Kayak Race – Fargo, GA to White Springs, FL
Treasure Island Canoe and Kayak Race – Treasure Island, FL
Wacissa River Canoe and Kayak Race – Monticello, FL
Wakulla River Canoe and Kayak Race – St. Marks, FL
WaterTribe Okoumefest Small Boat Race – Kent Island, MD
Weeki Wachee River Canoe and Kayak Race – Weeki Wachee, FL
Wekiva River Canoe and Kayak Race – Sanford, FL
Wild Hog Canoe Race – Gulf Hammock, FL
Withlacoochee River Canoe Race – Inverness, FL
Yukon 1000 Canoe and Kayak Race – Whitehorse, Canada to Pipeline, Alaska

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