27 September 2011
Category: Pushing The Limit
27 September 2011,

Tori Murden McClure began her life a simple southern girl born in Brooksville, Florida. Her intellectual ability steered the boat of her life through an academic sea until at the age of 34 she had her doctorate in law from the University of Louisville School of Law, masters in fine arts and was in line to become president to Spaulding College. She also had an interest in adventure. That passion led her to attempt a little exercise in rowing. Tori attempted to row a 24 foot plywood boat across the Atlantic Ocean.

A funny thing about oceans and the Atlantic in particular is that sometimes they are calm and other times they are not so calm. Tori found this out the hard way when on her attempt to cross the pond between America and France a la Lucky Lindy, Charles Lindbergh, she ran into hurricane season. Her boat was without communication and she was only able to secure herself in its airtight emergency area while the sea played ping pong with herself and her vessel. The result of the storm was her survival after sending out a distress beacon.

She returned from her failed attempt to row the Atlantic with a new vision of herself. She truly learned that the journey exceeds the arrival. Her life opened up for her simply for having undertook the adventure. Her failure taught her that her limitations were meant to define her existence and her success despite any setbacks. With advice from Muhammad Ali she set about again to row the Atlantic but this time with her spirit well formed. Like so many others before her attempted great things Tori Murden had discovered that the joy of life often lies within its struggle. Work towards something you believe in and you shan’t ever live with regret.
On her second attempt to row the Atlantic Tori was successful. Owing to a lack of a hurricane and a renewed sense of self she made the crossing in 81 days from the Canary Islands to Guadeloupe.

Tori has written a memoir about her experiences title A Pearl in the Storm, that presses forth the greater values she has learned during the course of her life. She literally found adventure and romance on the high seas.

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