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We are pleased to announce the launch of our line of rustic, handmade award paddles. In two sizes, our award paddles are the perfect way to cap off your next paddling event. Winners (and all paddlers) are proud to receive them to commemorate their participation in your event!

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  • I really enjoyed reading your book. Great insight into the Ultimate Florida Challenge and what it takes to succeed.
    —Steve Isaac – Chief of the WaterTribe
  • I think that most Watertribers will relate to it fully and realize that all of us who paddle small boats on adventures have more in common that you realize, especially our view of life and adventure. On several of my own long trips I have written in my notes about living life fully, and in the present; wave by wave. Rod echoes the same sentiments in his book.
    —Greg Stamer
  • Several times I laughed or said "Yup", as Rod shared something that mirrored my own experiences, thoughts and feelings.
    —Greg Stamer
  • Very enjoyable story, and as a Florida resident I especially enjoyed all of the historical information!
    —Bob White
  • Rod's thoughts on paddling through "concrete jungles" versus the beauty of the Everglades also struck a chord in me.  We often travel through such beautiful, remote areas, that perhaps many of us have "culture shock" when exposed to loud noise, huge crowds of people, impatient boaters and other trappings of "civilization". I know that I do.
    —Greg Stamer
  • Rod has written two books: Racing Around Florida and Racing to the Yukon. I'm halfway through the first and can't put it down. Spot on paddling advice, historical footnotes, beautiful quotes and a heartfelt passion that tells us why we do this.
    —Dave Ash

Racing Around Florida

A 1200 Mile Small Boat Odyssey

1200 miles? Check.
27 days? Paddling a canoe? Check.
Battling Florida sun, wind, and storms? Check.
Sharks? Alligators? Rattlesnakes? Check. Physically tough? Check.
Mentally challenging? Check.
The adventure of a lifetime? Absolutely. So far.

Follow Rod as he takes on the toughest small-boat race on the planet, The Ultimate Florida Challenge.
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"From The Amazon To The Yukon"

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Everyone must believe in something.
I believe I'll go canoeing...

- Henry David Thoreau

Since writing "Racing to the Yukon," Rod Price has enjoyed bringing his tales of competition and adventure to numerous clubs, paddling groups and other nature enthusiasts. His goal is to inspire others to explore the great outdoors and expand their horizons. When he is not traveling to a race or speaking engagement, Rod stays busy running his multi-faceted adventure business in Orlando, Florida.

He is the organizer of the popular Run and Paddle series that has competitors running and paddling on trails and rivers throughout Central Florida. Rod maintains a fleet of 24 recreational canoes that he provides for his races and rents out to other paddling groups. He serves as the race director for several canoe and kayak races including the Suwannee River Challenge.

Rod believes in protecting our natural resources. He contributes his time and money to the Friends of the Wekiva River, a Central Florida group whose mission is to safeguard the Wekiva River Basin northwest of Orlando. Rod's future plans include organizing adventure trips, establishing a multi-day paddling race in Florida and writing another book.
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